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Monday, October 9th, 2006
7:18 pm
research proposal and methodology
Hi Guys,
I have never done a research project before and was wanting some help on how to write a proposal/ methodology.
I have a vague idea of what i would like to focus on - that is whether planning in queensland actually attempts to fulfil social obligations - does that sound ok. and would my methodology just be literatire reviews? any ideas would help thanks
Friday, July 15th, 2005
1:33 am
Grammar-expert wants to edit and proofread Your paper for $2
My Name is Liz, and I just graduated from the New School For Social Research, a University in Greenwich Village, NYC. I was a fiction writing concentrator. I am offering up my knowledge, talent and skill for literature and english to You, the High school or College student. I recently found out that I scored in the 98% percentile on the Vocabulary portion of the Wexler IQ test. (better than 98% of all those who were administered the Wexler IQ test)

I am impeccable when it comes to proofreading and grammar. The 'good' grammar comes from my knowledge of Latin, my Catholic school teacher mother, writing experience, and talent. ;--)

So email me, nomen_mihi_est at yahoo. I would love to proofread and help you with Your term paper, essay, etc under 15 pages, for any subject. If its a college entrance essay, I will also give you questions and suggestions, (because I am also a literature writer). I can help you. I charge $2 to help with a 2 page double spaced paper. So if it is a longer assignment, we can work something out. :--)


Wednesday, October 27th, 2004
7:51 pm
Hello? Anyone there?
How's everyone's midterms going?

Current Mood: busy
Saturday, August 7th, 2004
8:31 pm
Mother of all Textbooks
My textbook just came in the mail. The Handbook of Economic Sociology. It is 835 pages long. Damn!

Current Mood: grumpy
Monday, May 17th, 2004
7:25 am
May 19th is national gas boycott day. With gas prices on the rise, something must be done to send a message to the gas companies. If no one in America buys gas on the 19th the gas companies will lose an estimated $45 MILLION dollars! If you're not happy with paying over $2.00/gallon please do not buy gas on May 19th. Please re-post this so that it will be able to reach as many people across the country as possible.
Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
8:12 pm
I love my job but
Its looks like a planned all nighter for me. Chemistry is my one night stand.

Thank the demigods my chem final isnt until 5 pm tomorrow.

Send sympathies in the form of caffeine (or sex).


Current Mood: rushed
Monday, April 26th, 2004
10:35 am
Word of the Day for Monday April 26, 2004

lucubration \loo-kyoo-BRAY-shun; loo-kuh-\, noun:
1. The act of studying by candlelight; nocturnal study;
2. That which is composed by night; that which is produced by
meditation in retirement; hence (loosely) any literary

Current Mood: tired
Friday, March 5th, 2004
12:09 am
Why is my desk so clean?

Hence the beer. haha

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, September 20th, 2003
3:21 am
Ok, I've been neglecting to write in here.

Why is it that professors all schedule exams in the same week? It's as if they all know and decide to make our lives difficult.

There would be no need to cram if they wouldnt do that.

Current Mood: grumpy
Tuesday, June 17th, 2003
4:26 pm
Wow. I'm really glad I took that 10 minute power nap!

I feel more energized to study for my final.

I'll be cramming for this mofo til at least 2 AM.

Current Mood: energetic
Thursday, June 12th, 2003
5:13 pm
Summer classes should be made illegal. I'm so not motivated!

Current Mood: lazy
Wednesday, April 30th, 2003
12:56 am
Exam week
Prepare to energize

Because this tea is not working

Current Mood: sleepy
Saturday, February 22nd, 2003
11:21 pm
Hi everybody! :P

So what are some ways to minimize distrations while doing school work?

Current Mood: dirty
Tuesday, November 26th, 2002
12:11 pm
Oh how I love take home exams!

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002
5:03 pm
In need of Input
I'm writing a research paper on the benefits of massage. For the paper I'd like to get a feel of how real people feel about in addition to my textual sources. This survey is the result of that. I may create a second or third later once I narrow the focus of my results a little but, for now, this is the only one.

I have two requests if you choose to take this survey: 1) Take it seriously. This is for a college course and if you click on random things you will be tainting my research. 2) If you are going to fill it out, please answer all the questions. This, of course, does not include the "if yes to previous question..." questions if you answered "no" to them.

Spread the word, plug the link, email results if you don't have an LJ account and you want to take part any how. I want as big and as diverse of a response group as using LJ will allow me.

Your answers are viewable to no one other than myself so be as personal as you please. I will not share specific information with anyone (though I may post overall %).

Thank you in advance.

( Survey )
11:07 am
Alternative to notecards
I was thinking to myself

There must be a way to make a flash card computer program? One where you can customize the info and use it over and over again. Maybe, there are programs like that out there!

I need to investigate

Current Mood: refreshed
Wednesday, October 9th, 2002
2:55 pm
How to pull an all-nighter
- drink lots of caffeine (some people even take ephedra but I don't recommend this, you don't want your blood pressure to get too high)

- blast some loud, rowdy music

- if you're doing an assignment just follow the instructions and get right to the point. You have no time to B.S. or elaborate too much.

- When it's time to go to school in the morning, take a cold shower to wake you up. If you have to drive, be careful or have someone drive you to school.
Sunday, September 29th, 2002
11:53 am
First Post
Does anyone else feel paranoid that the professor knows you've been cramming the night before?

All that matters is the end result. Right?

Current Mood: curious
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