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In need of Input

I'm writing a research paper on the benefits of massage. For the paper I'd like to get a feel of how real people feel about in addition to my textual sources. This survey is the result of that. I may create a second or third later once I narrow the focus of my results a little but, for now, this is the only one.

I have two requests if you choose to take this survey: 1) Take it seriously. This is for a college course and if you click on random things you will be tainting my research. 2) If you are going to fill it out, please answer all the questions. This, of course, does not include the "if yes to previous question..." questions if you answered "no" to them.

Spread the word, plug the link, email results if you don't have an LJ account and you want to take part any how. I want as big and as diverse of a response group as using LJ will allow me.

Your answers are viewable to no one other than myself so be as personal as you please. I will not share specific information with anyone (though I may post overall %).

Thank you in advance.

( Survey )
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